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Welcome to Hair in Deia and the launch of Aveda hair colour and products in our salon.

It's with much excitement we have added to our wellness studio a full time Hair Dresser. Finding the right Hair dresser to take care of our clients is no easy task. We welcomed Allegra back in April. Allergra´s back ground and years of experience of cutting styling and colouring hair. Means that we are now able to offer this service. In June we shall be adding

and colour to the studio.

You can also book for Bridal and Wedding hair up or blow dry. If you're a wedding guest or the bridal party we are a fully mobile hair service, we come directly to your door, or you can visit us in the studio located in the center of Deia.

Here is what we have to say about the next step in our journey of offering all your wellness needs in one place. From our resident Hair dresser Allegra.

We are very proud to announce that as of June we will be working with Aveda hair color and hair products here in the studio at Mountain wellness .

This news comes with great excitement as my personal and professional journey has begun and correlated for many years with this wonderful brand .

Their values as well as their high quality products are only a few of the reasons that I have gravitated back to them over the years.

They have managed to grow and change with the planet and it’s people and do so much good in the world of beauty while simultaneously maintaining the integrity and consistency of their line of products .

I am a certified Aveda hair colorist , a hair color that is over 94% plant derived and is one of the only hair colors that can be mixed to create bespoke formulations suited to your exact needs .

Not to mention one of the only Almost entirely Natural hair color lines that delivers beautiful and consistent results .

Their products are Vegan, cruelty free ,sustainable and free of parabens as well as SLS and SLES. Aveda has also recently earned the title of B corporation and the sourcing of their products is 100 percent transparent .

Needless to say, amongst all of that and more there are so many reasons to be thrilled to be bringing Aveda to a place like Deia .

Starting in June , in addition to the services we currently offer ,you can book a range of Aveda services with me , including color, treatments and hair rituals .

Please feel free to come for a consultation and ask questions you may have , I look forward to talking and sharing my knowledge .

Book an appointment today.

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